About the artist


The book was designed and typeset by Rosy England-Fisher of The Oculus Studio, a supremely talented freelance graphic designer and artist based in Portland, OR. Rosy and I did not know each other before we began our little trip down the rabbit hole, but whatever nebulous expectations I might have had when we began were surpassed a zillion times over once we had a cover concept we agreed upon.

Covers sell books. That’s a fact. Authors with a shady past as graphic designers themselves are harrowing nightmares to work with, because you want the cover to epitomize everything you feel the book is about, and who on Earth else could possibly understand that haunted house of horrors you call your imagination – or your story? Who would get the concept down to bedrock? And manage to generate enough curiosity to sell it?

I’m delighted to say Rosy nailed it, framed it and hung it on a wall for posterity so well, we’ve decided (with an infernal amount of mutual glee) to collaborate again for the sequel.

Because she’s that kind of great and that kind of artist.

Find out more about Rosy’s incredible work here, or buy it on Etsy.

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