About the Author


I’m a Danish-American mid-Atlantic plane crash and post-punk catastrophe raised in the US and later moved – not voluntarily – back to Denmark. My original career idea was to become an archeologist and conservator, specializing in Greek Bronze Age fresco restoration and preservation, but when that didn’t happen, I spent several years in the political underground of Copenhagen. Since then, I’ve worked in many diverse occupations: as a cleaning lady at a county jail, a microfilm photographer, a typesetter, sandwich slinger, a media buyer, an ISP tech support agent, a warehouse worker, a pastry chef and baker apprentice but mainly as a graphic artist and art director.

English was my first language, which is why I write almost exclusively in English. I wrote ‘almost’, but the fact is, I’m about to break the family monopoly by debuting in Danish in an upcoming anthology. If, that is, a) my publisher thinks I’m worthy, never mind b) my writer sibling doesn’t have my hide for besmirching the family name! Oh, the horror!

Thanks to a heap of encouragement, I’ve written essays, diatribes, rants, raves, bad free-form poetry, anarcho-feminist musings, horrible album reviews and since August 2010, I’ve reviewed and written extensively about perfume and perfume stories as The Alembicated Genie.

I’m passionate about many things, but especially history, sociology, psychology, literature (and books), poetry, Hammer films, Western occultism and the philosophies of East and West, sci-fi, B movies and pop culture, art both old and new and above all else, music.

I sold my soul to rock’n’roll at a very early age and never, ever got it back. I listen to many different genres and I’m very eclectic – my tastes span the range from black metal (and metal in general) to Mozart, Scarlatti, opera, Indian raga and Japanese koto.

In my private life, I’m a dedicated cook, baker and post-punk, Goth/metalhead iconoclast almost finished with a bachelor’s degree in education at UCL Jelling and the earned right to teach literature, history and geography.  You’ll find me in a book-infested garret somewhere on the Cimbric Chersonese, surrounded by two geriatric cats.

Photo by Lars Daniel Photography, Copenhagen, November 2013

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