The Devilscent Project


A collaborative group project involving the epic talents of eight US indie perfumers, ten perfume bloggers and nineteen groundbreaking, rule-defying bespoke perfumes, both all-natural and mixed-media,  in three different fragrant media, including a bespoke incense and a devilishly delicious massage bar, all created to highlight the perfumers’ work and inspired by Quantum Demonology. Each of the perfumers – as well as the bloggers – were given free rein to interpret the distinctive scents of both or either the Devil – called Dev in the novel – and his much malcontented wife Lilith, Queen of the Succubi.

It originated with the author and indie perfumer Ellen Covey of Olympic Orchids Perfumes. In January 2012, it grew to include nine other bloggers and seven more indie perfumers. The perfumes’ names below link to the individual reviews of the perfumes on The Alembicated Genie.



Ellen CoveyOlympic Orchids Perfumes

Dev #1 – 4, Lil

Neil MorrisNeil Morris Fragrances

Midnight At The Crossroads Café, Dev #1, #2 & 3, Lilith

Alexis Karl (Scent By Alexis) & Maria McElroy (aroma M Geisha Perfumes), House of Cherry Bomb

Dev & Lil

Kedra HartOpus Oils 

Babylon Noir

Amanda Feeley, Esscentual Alchemy

Dev #1, 2 & 3, Coda

Katlyn BreeneMermade Magickal Arts

Mephisto Incense

Monica MillerSkye Botanicals/The Perfume Pharmer

Green Man Massage Bar


The Alembicated Genie


Chaya Ruchama

This Blog Really Stinks

Architecture of Perfume


The Perfume Pharmer

Perfume Smellin’ Things


The Alembicated Genie 


Architecture of Perfume

The Devilscent Project Page on Perfume Pharmer

This Blog Really Stinks

Another Perfume Blog

Suzanne’s Perfume Journal (who is otherwise not affiliated with the Devilscent Project)


Original illustration from the 1927 edition of Goethe’s Faust illustrated by Harry Clarke, modified by the author.

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